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February 24th, 2010

(no subject)


Hey skinny bitches

wanna chat? Got aim? Contact me at XxlambcouturexX make sure you tell me you are from live journal so I know it's safe to talk about stuff.

So omg you have to go to your doctors and tell them you have fucking migraines and need topamax. Why?

Because ...

1) it helps you lose weight

2) it alters your fucking taste!

Yeah I started it MONDAY and I already can not stand soda anymore. I mean it taste like shit. I used to drink it like a mofo and would try hard to drink water but now...now water taste better I swear I kid you not. I'm fucking amazed.

Listen you got to do your research bc you can't just say yeah I have migraines. I've had them since I was born for real and so I can do that and get away with it. You need to know signs and symptoms. You got to seriously play this shit off. Talk to me if you aren't sure as to what you need to say. I will go over it with you but I garuntee the weight loss up to 10 pounds.

February 19th, 2010

(no subject)

Sorry I havent been posting lately. I've been so busy with work!
I've been cutting down to like 2 meals a day and not eating at night except last night I did :(
I'm down to 165 which is still eww but not as gross as 170.

Went to the doctor and got Rx diet pills (nanana na na NA!) lol Can't wait to lose weight!

February 14th, 2010

(no subject)

Going to the doctor tomorrow. Usually I dread it but I'm excited this time b/c he's going to fix me...fix my fatness. I'm so going to get diet pills from him and I'm going to be skinny again. God I can't wait! I'm just horrified to step on the doctor scale...then they say your weight out loud and shit. I'll cry...I know I will :(

Only one meal today...woot!  only had a big ass salad yesterday. Doing good right?

February 13th, 2010

(no subject)


Good news...down to 166. Thank God because once you reach 170...You want to kill yourself.
Yesterday I had 900 or less cals. Yay go me!
This morning I've already had too much.

1 poptart= 200 cals (damn!)
1 English muffin = 130 cals
1 Dr. Pepper = 150 cals

total so far 480

I wonder how many calories I burn washing big ass dogs all day?

HATE towards this woman lol not really just jealousy

February 11th, 2010

(no subject)


One of my favorite presentation looks from G to date.
Gwen stefani is so fucking fabulous she pisses diamonds.
God I hate her sometimes.

Part of a banana= 72 cals
100 cal snack pack= 100 cals

Chick fil a sandwich= 260
Chick fil a side salad= 50 cals
ranch dressing= 160 cals whoops

I tried to eat this crap at lunch which I'm guessing was about 400 cals and I ate like 200 worth
half of a small milkshake ( i know) = 333 cals
water = 0 cals
some soda ...like 150 cals or so
That's like 1325 cals~ HOLY SHIT! I didn't know I ate that much.

I plan to get on the bike again tonight. aiming for like 400 cals burned

February 10th, 2010

(no subject)

So I was like I'm almost 170 lbs (HOLY SHIT! I KNOW!!!) and I'm eating relatively healthy...that's when mom interrupts me and says "no you don't. you and dad eat way too much and you dont know." I'm like well shit.

SOOOO I write down what I ate today and looking at it sounds pretty damn healthy (majority)

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 slice of toast
Snack: 100 cal snack of doritos, a spoonful of mashed potatoes (I could have gone all day with out that shit)
Lunch: 6 peice chick fil a kids meal with a icecream instead of a toy and a dr. pepper

According to Calorie king (http://www.calorieking.com/)

1 banana=105 cals
toast=50 cals
the potatoes are roughly 130 cals
chick fil a nuggets 400 cals
fries roughly 186
the fucking sauce 280 cals (never occured to me to actually count condiments)

That equals 1151 cals...PLUS my 100 calorie snack = 1251cals this does not include my drink or the cup of icecream. I'm estimating I had about 1,300 cals today if not more.

Last night I got on the exercise bike for 40 mins...10 miles....burned more than a can of soda. I guess tonight will be the same. FAT ASS

February 8th, 2010

(no subject)

Today is my brother's birthday...must avoid cake!

February 7th, 2010

(no subject)



Breakfast: 2 apple turnovers (yeah I know stupid)
Lunch: 20 mcnuggets, medium sprite....(again...stupid!)
Dinner: small salad

I hate hate hate hate hate shopping for clothes. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my fatass self. I used to be so fucking skinny people would look at me weird...now I'm so fucking fat ppl look at me weird. Last night I weighed a whooping 166lbs.

Tonight I'm taking two fucking laxatives and a water pill. I know it doesn't get rid of fat poundage but God to see that number go down will be so relieving!


What, is that an ana bracelet or a kabala one?
Lindsay Lohan

February 6th, 2010

(no subject)

B: 1/2 cup oatmeal with brown sugar
L: chargrilled chicken sandwich from Chick fil a, a side salad with ranch dressing
Snack: a cup of icecream
D: some steak and baked potatoe.


(no subject)


So happy to get replies from my friends :) thank you!

So far today I've had a half a cup of oatmeal with brown sugar.

I forgot I allow myself to splurge a little on weekends lol I freaked out yesterday bc of cadbury eggs haha dork.

want those legs

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